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Siavash Shams

Siavash Shams often referred to as Siavash Sahneh or Siavash is a famous Persian pop icon, singer-songwriter and record producer who has released six successful albums. His career spans more than two decades. He was one of the most successful Persian artists of the 80s and 90s. He is noted for his vocal abilities and for his live performances. As a songwriter, he composed many Persian hits, including "Boro Dige Dooset Nadaram", "Yavash Yavash", "Dokhtar Irouni", "Sahneh" and many more. According to Tapesh TV and Caltex Records his Hamsayehaa album is the best selling Persian album of all time. Siavash's songs are considered ageless hits and his albums are still bestsellers and are popular. Being one of the first young male Persian pop stars, his distinctive style, looks, dance moves, and vocals have influenced a whole generation of Iranian pop, and R&B artists. He has brought an electricity and style to stage playing sold-out venues around the world including: Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Hollywood Palladium and El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, the Hippodrome and Le Palace in London, and Aughenhausen Coliseum in Germany, Dubai Tennis Stadium and numerous other venues in the world.

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