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Kiosk (Iran)

Performing songs from their new album, "Triple Distilled: Live at Yoshis"

Considered to be the most influential Iranian rock band since the 1979 Revolution, KIOSK is known for its smart and satirical lyrics, as well as its unique blend of musical styles, from rock to gypsy jazz to Iranian folk.

After Kiosk was prevented from performing in public or publishing recordings due to "inappropriate" lyrics, the band members re-grouped outside Iran in 2005. They have since released three albums and toured North America, Europe and Australia.

For this concert, they will be performing songs from their eagerly awaited fourth album, just released: "Triple Distilled: Live at Yoshi's." A compilation of new songs and old favorites, this album was recorded live this summer at the legendary jazz club, Yoshi's of San Francisco, making it what is likely to be the first live Iranian album in this genre since the 1979 revolution.

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