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"We Remember Clifford" NB Ny dato!

All-star group pays tribute to the late, great Clifford Brown featuring:
Benny Golson (sax)
Claus Reichstaller (trompet)
Eddie Henderson (trompet)
Mike LeDonne (piano)
Reggie Johnson (bass)
Al Foster (trommer)

We Remember Clifford a title inspired by Benny Golsons acclaimed composition, I Remember Clifford - is a project involving an all-star group of musicians who have come together to pay tribute to the legendary Clifford Brown and to celebrate his outstanding contribution to the modern jazz pantheon with their own special interpretations the music associated with the iconic trumpet virtuoso.

Had Clifford Brown lived, he would, said Quincy Jones, have taken his place next to Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis.

NB Ny dato!