Aldersgrense: 18
Dørene åpner:21:00
Billetter: 200/150 + avg

Fanfare Ciocarlia

Traditional dances from Romania and rhythms from Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia are played on horns, trumpets, clarinets and timpani. For each different moment in life there is an appropriate piece: geamparale, sîrba, hora, and if the mood requires, a racy ruseasca at the end.

Oprica Ivancea (sopran clarinet, vocals)
Costica “Cimai" Trifan (trumpet, vocals)
Radulescu Lazar (Trumpet, vocals)
Nicusor “Pusac" (Cantea - Trumpet)
Daniel Ivancea (Baritone horn)
Constantin “Pinca" Cantea (Tuba)
Monel Trifan (Tuba)
Costel “Gisniac" Ursu (Large drum)
Nicolae Ionita (Percussion)

Dørene åpner: 21.00
Konsertstart: 22.00