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Lucia Recio * Denis Charolles * Kjetil Møster

En fysisk sanger som bruker hele kroppen som instrument. Den spanske sigøynerbakgrunnen gir følelse av reise, styrke og jordnærhet.

Singer of Andalusian origin, Lucia Recio lives in Lyon and participates
in various projects and ensembles including the flamenco duo Cante
Andaluz with Lorenzo Recio, M. Riessler?s J-Virus project and Recevez
l'assurance, a performance with U. Alvarez and X. Garcia. A member of
the Association Looking for an Imaginary Folklore (ARFI) since 1998, she
has participated in projects including Torero Loco, with A. Rellay and
P. Philibert; Un chien Andalou, with Torero Loco and J. Bolcato; the
RECIO/GARCIA duo; and La Grande Illusion, a magic show with A. Alafrez.
Independently of ARFI, she has participated in F. Frith?s Landing for
Banlieues Bleues; Ib�¨res ad lib, a project for the Perpignan Jazz
Festival ; BOUMAG connection, a new work for the Festival Jazz en
Lubéron; and RADIORAMA, a 2004 GRM de l?Ina creation. Active in many
international venues and festivals, she also performs as a soloist and
in diverse improvisational encounters